National Black Agricultural Awareness Week


By JoAnn Fields
Contributing Writer

San Diego, CA: National Black Agricultural Awareness Week is a week set aside to recognize and celebrate Black agriculture, while bringing awareness to the needs and the decline of Black Agricultural Producers. This week focuses attention on the African American community regarding food and food choices. This year’s national theme is: “Creating Opportunities for: Awareness, Education, Outreach and Volunteerism Around Black Agriculture.”

The Project New Village held a “Food Movement Reception” on Friday, July 11, 2014 at the Mt Hope Community Garden located at 4261 Market Street, 92102. State Assembly Member Shirley Weber offered comments, and Black farmers Tony Smalls and Rhonda Burrell also shared their personal stories. A discussion arose on the significance of growing one’s own food to address food security and healthy food choices.

Tony Smalls, Owner of Cane Patch Pies states, “African people are people of the land. Without agriculture we have no culture. We have to start rebuilding gardens again with our young people and our elders. The Mt. Hope Community Garden is a fantastic start.”

Project New Village is a southeastern San Diego homegrown organization focused on Food Justice. A weekly farmers market is open to the public on Saturdays at 4981 Market Street from 3pm – 6pm. For more information regarding Project New Village’s community garden and events, contact Ms. Diane Moss at (619) 262-2022 or LIKE their page on Their annual Fannie Lou Hamer Fundraiser will take place in early October.

Photos by JoAnn Fields

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