(BlackNews.com) — Ronisha Smith and Jamila Sandy have come up with a creative way to promote entrepreneurship, and positive self-awareness within the Black community. These ladies believe that “to be unconfined means to step outside of yourself and destroy the box of conditioned thoughts and actions. Being confined by limitations that we impose upon ourselves can prevent us from enjoying a life worth living.

Both Ronisha and Jamila believe that the stigma placed on free thinkers can be dispelled by demonstrating our natural abilities to be unique. This is why they created Unconfined Reality, a clothing brand to empower the African American community.

They comment, “We call this the Human Billboard! Unconfined Reality’s t-shirts are created specifically for the go-getters in life. Those individuals whose thirst for experience and success drive them to achieve and create remarkable things.” The two founders of Unconfined Reality, also known as UnR, stated that they strive to encourage us all to share with others our experiences and expel the negative stigma that resides in the minds of others and the media. “UnR wants to adopt a community of free thinkers and empower them to be confident and inspiring visionaries,” they add.

When asked what were their final thoughts, the founders exclaimed that they wanted the world to know the importance of living a reality without limitations. “We would like you all to share your vision and most importantly, follow your dreams,” they said.

For more details about the company and/or to make a purchase, visit www.unconfinedreality.com

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