Nu-Way International Christian Ministries Mother’s Day Dinner


By JoAnn Fields
Contributing Writer

San Diego, CA: Nu-Way International Christian Ministries (Nu-Way ICM) hosted a complimentary Mother’s Day Dinner on Saturday, May 10 at Nu-Way ICM South located at 4166 National Ave., San Diego, 92113. Dinner was sponsored by the Nu-Way Men’s Fellowship Department. Minister Stan, “The Nu-Way Men’s Fellowship Department honored the mothers of Nu-Way with a sit-down dinner and a 3 course meal. Mothers of the church were met at the door, escorted to their table by men in classic black & white attire. The idea behind the dinner is to recognize and honor the mothers of our church and community. The event was a tremendous success. We look forward to hosting next year’s dinner again!”

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“The Nu-Way Mother’s Day Dinner was wonderful! The men of Nu-Way were thoughtful and kind. We didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything but eat. I love Mother’s Day at Nu-Way,” shares Sis. Cassandra Jones.

“It was a blessing for the Nu-Way Men’s Fellowship department to serve us mothers dinner tonight. Being a member on the Hospitality Ministry I am accustomed to being the server versus being served. The ambiance was really nice; music playing in the background, decorated dinner tables, escorts that welcomed us at the door and a great dinner that I didn’t have to clean-up afterwards! I appreciate all that was provided to us. Thank you Nu-Way!,” states Sis. Elizabeth Nichols.

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Photos by JoAnn Fields

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