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Looking to balance STEM into STEAM? Running out of Netflix content? Just need something different? Look no further than San Diego’s very own Old Globe Theatre. Shifting to free online content during the coronavirus pandemic, the Globe has continued its tradition of bringing people together through theatre and education.

Here are some of our favorite (online) Old Globe programs:

When the curtain falls, where do the artists go? Act Breaks reveals the answer. This special series offers exclusive video content providing an intimate connection with your favorite Old Globe theatre makers. Act Breaks checks in with actors, writers, directors, and artisans to see what they are up to during this Great Intermission.

Want to make it a family affair? Get a taste of theatre design with Old Globe’s newest online series: The Old Globe Coloring Book! Every Thursday, the Globe will post a new page featuring an original design from past shows. Each design includes insights from the artisans who brought the ideas to life. Color them in however you want and post on social media with the tags @theoldglobe and #globecoloringbook. The following Tuesday, the Globe will re-post their favorites next to the designer’s original concept and the final onstage design!

The Old Globe Arts Engagement programming that goes live weekly is a great way to get interactive and community connected.
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