Our Vote, the Virus and Working Together


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

Clearly, our communities have been blessed with the number of people who come out each week as volunteers to help with food distribution. Many are without jobs or income themselves. While next Tuesday is a Food Distribution Day, it is also Election Day. We must do both things together. It is not either or.

Between now and next Monday is a good time to vote for those who have not done so already. It is also a time to get others out to vote. We can drive out to the Registrar of Voters to turn in ballots and to cast our vote at the source. We must make sure that everyone understands that every vote counts. You need to vote the ballot assigned to where you live. If in doubt, vote a “provisional ballot.” This allows you to cast a sealed vote until your voter identification can be verified, then your vote will be counted.

While we are doing Food Distribution and “Get Out The Vote” efforts, let us not forget to stay safe. Wear the Mask. Wash the hands. Wear a face shield if you have one. Don’t handle grocery carts and gas pumps without gloves. Stay away from stores with lines and shop later when it is safer.

Don’t get caught visiting with family, friends or other relatives not in your safety bubble. Yet, in the midst of all this, let’s continue to work together; being aware of the safety of others as well as ourselves.

There is something that each of us can do to help someone else. We will all have to help each other before this virus is over so let’s get started now if we have not already done so. Remember: Vote, Vote, Vote and get someone else to Vote as well. Our lives depend on it, literally.

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