Pastor Wells Celebrates 40th Pastoral Anniversary


pastor wells
To successfully run a church takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It requires an unwavering prayer life and a willingness to yield one’s life to the service of God. A pastor sacrifices his time, sleep, finances, and so much more to the ministry. He does it all without complaint. For one man to manage a church for 40 years and still have the support and respect of its parishioners is a blessing. Pastor Walter G. Wells of Mt Erie Baptist Church has accomplished that feat. On Sunday, June 23, 2013, he and the church celebrated his 40th pastoral anniversary.
The crowd that gathered in the sanctuary of Mt. Erie on Sunday afternoon was a testament to the type of man Pastor Wells has been down through the years. Family, Friends, and church members packed the house just for an opportunity to show their love and support. His mother even made a surprise visit to give honor to her son. Every word that was spoken of Pastor Wells was a delightful peek into the heart of man that truly has a servant’s heart. One member said, “I love my pastor; for as long as I’ve known him he has always been the same, loving and supportive.” From spiritual support, to financial support, to even helping with home repairs Pastor Wells has been there for his church members. Jimmie and Helen Morgan spoke of his astounding teaching ability and how his teaching has motivated them to delve deeper into their own personal bible study. Hearing of his tremendous contributions to lives of the congregation there was no wonder as to why the church was over flowing.
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No true man of God will allow anyone to honor him without honoring the one who created him. Pastor Wells was quoted as often saying, “Yet not I, but Christ.” He acknowledged that the works he’s performed was not by his own power, but only accomplished through the spirit of the Lord working through him. Seemingly humbled by being chosen to serve and be used by God, Pastor Wells sat reverently while the choir sang praise unto God.  Even the children joined in with sing praises to God and honoring their pastor. “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.” (1Timothy 5:17).  That is exactly the portrait perceived of Pastor Wells, an elder worthy of double honor. His life in ministry was laid out for all to see and to glorify God for creating such a servant.
Having spent 40 years in ministry is a great accomplishment. Even greater is to, after 40 years, still be perceived as a hardworking, loyal, loving, supportive servant of God. Pastor Wells has enriched many lives over the years and Sunday was just a gesture from his congregation to say, “job well done and we appreciate it”. Pastor Walter G. Wells has spent 40 years with his hands to plow and hasn’t looked back. On 47th St near Imperial Ave. Pastor Wells and the Mt. Erie Baptist Church family are standing strong as they continue working in the vineyard.