Paving Greater Futures Celebrates 6 Years At Four Corners


Staff Writer
Photos: Voice & Viewpoint
Saturday, July 6th, the intersection of Euclid and Imperial Avenue was alive with music, vendors, food trucks and a spirit of celebration and community. But it was not always like that. As a matter of fact, this very location used to be called the “Four Corners of Death” because of all the young people who lost their lives at this very location. But for the last six years the organization “Paving Greater Futures,” with the help of others in the community, has transformed this location into what is now boldly called the “Four Corners of Life.”
Stacey Butler, a former hardcore gang member from the old days, was instrumental in starting the conversion of this street corner to the “Four Corners of Life.” Paving Greater Futures picked up the baton. This event is not only a celebration of life, it has also become an occasion to honor members of the community for their service. Many of those who have been honored here have been in-the-struggle for years, with no recognition. The real story of this celebration can only be told through experiencing the activity, by being there, at the Four Corners.

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