Profiling Our Clergy: Dr. Emanuel Whipple, Sr.


WhippleCalvary Baptist Church, a beacon in San Diego, has been a religious staple in the south western quadrant of San Diego for 124 years. It has survived the rise and fall of many churches. It has persevered and overcame the many trials and obstacles of finding new leadership. Three years ago when the current pastor passed away, the members at Calvary Baptist were once again faced with the burden of finding new leadership. Losing a pastor can be a devastating blow to any church, but when the Lord steps in and sends a man after his own heart the congregation can make a quick recovery. That is exactly what God did for Calvary Baptist Church.

In December of 2011 Dr. Emanuel Whipple Sr. took the reins of Calvary Baptist bringing his modernized east coast approach to Christian living and mixing it with the traditional roots of Calvary Baptist Church to create a harmonious atmosphere of praise, worship, and service unto the Lord. Convincing his minister of music, Kwan Debose, to relocate with him Dr. Whipple has added an east coast flair to the music ministry. Not only has his presence influenced the music, but his strong sense of organization and fortitude has impacted auxiliaries throughout the church causing them to revamp and refocus. His institution of a Children’s ministry and Noonday bible class have further added to the ministry opportunities and given the church more to offer its members.

Dr. Whipple hails from Mt. Nebo Baptist Church where he was the pastor for 18 years. He was 13 years old when he first felt a call from the Lord to move forward in ministry, but just like most he had his own dreams and aspirations. He advanced to grade levels and entered college at the age of 16. He aspired to be a lawyer, but God had different plans for him. Finally heeding the call of God Dr. Whipple dropped out of law school and entered seminary. His educational studies have awarded him four degrees in theology, one being a doctorate, and a degree in education. Dr. Whipple brings with him a wealth of knowledge, education, and experience that is sure to move Calvary Baptist to the next level.

The most obvious impact Dr. Whipple’s had on the church is the wonderful changes he’s made to the building it’s self. Not wanting to take away from the ‘Pink Church’ moniker that Calvary Baptist is known as he chose an interior design that goes well with the pink exterior. In 12 Short months Dr. Whipple has taken a church full of rich history and enhanced its beauty with a contemporary design. The new tile floors, painted walls, newly added choir room; counseling room, and the remodeled reception area are just a few of the renovation that have transformed Calvary Baptist Church into an edifice that reflects the many blessings God has bestowed upon them. Once all renovations are complete, Calvary Baptist will be a sight to see.

It is the church’s mission to evangelize the lost and empower God’s people to external salvation in Jesus Christ. Their vision focuses on the total needs of a man. With Dr. Whipple’s plan to open a crisis home for church members who’ve fallen on hard times, and to open schools to further natural and spiritual education their goals will be achieved. Although Dr. Whipple brings a more modernized approach to things, he is still a man rooted and grounded in the word of God. It is his goal to help the people of God move from the permissive will of God to His perfect will. He takes his assignment at Calvary very seriously and is grateful to God for counting him worthy to lead his flock into a new realm of service.


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