Publisher’s Statement: Why the Voice & Viewpoint Gala is Important


John E. Warren Publisher At Sdvoice Info

By Dr. John E. Warren

Since the announcement of the Gala to be held on February 1st 2014 at the Jacobs Center, community organizations are purchasing tables and making plans for their memberships to attend, and as much as we appreciate the momentum, we don’t want to miss many of you-our readers-who may not belong to a group. We want you to know that individually, each and everyone is as important as each single copy we sell of this newspaper every week. We realize that we do not cover an item of interest to everyone each week, but still we publish and we present information that so often you will not find anywhere else. We have written about police profiling and misconduct when others were afraid to touch such stories; we have covered wrongful terminations, discrimination in employment, housing and treatment while shopping; we have covered social service agencies when found to be mistreating our citizens, stood with many of you during violent and tragic loss of loved ones and carried your celebrations with you when CNN and other networks were not there.

During the past 28 years alone, San Diego County has lost more than 12 newspapers of general circulation starting with the combining of the San Diego Tribune with the San Diego Union to create the Union Tribune. The Voice & Viewpoint has grown during this time from a “Southeast” community newspaper to a San Diego County community newspaper with distribution in 87 zip codes and all 17 cities and unincorporated areas of San Diego County. None of this would have been possible without your support and realization that the “community” is where the people live whether it be the South Bay or North County.

At some point during the 54 years of service, this newspaper has touched someone close to you, hopefully in a positive and memorable manner.

Today newspapers, outside of niche markets such as both daily and weekly, are disappearing as more and more emphasis is placed on “social media.” We too, are changing in that we are making use of social media with plans to expand that usage. We want you to understand not only the changes, but the importance of such change to all of us. For these and many other reasons, we invite you to be present and a part of our 54th year celebration as the second oldest African American business in our community. We invite you to contact the Office at (619) 266-2233, Facebook, or online at Our seating is limited.

Thank you.