Redistricting is Happening Now


Courtesy of Laila Aziz

By Voice & Viewpoint Staff

States are actively redrawing political districts based on 2020 census data, which has a direct impact on upcoming local elections and how power – and resources – are distributed across San Diego communities. What many may not know is that the process is public and public input is a required component of that process, which states and municipalities must honor and invite.

Here is a proposed District 4 redistricting map, called the Unity Map. It was created by a cohort of concerned local citizens:

  • Golden Hill should be in D8: Golden Hill was a historically Latinx neighborhood before it became gentrified over the years. Since D8 is the Latinx empowerment district and it needs to grow in population, it makes sense that Golden Hill is a part of D8.
  • Normal Heights should be in D9: Normal Heights is 40% Latinx and 60% people of color. Since D9 is the second Latinx empowerment district and it needs to grow in population, it makes sense for Normal Heights to be a part of D9.
  • Mission Valley should be in D3: Mission Valley residents share similar values to those in D3. Many D3 residents eat and shop in Mission Valley.
  • Ridgeview should be in D4: The Ridgeview-Webster neighborhood has always historically been in D4 and was cut in half 10 years ago. According to residents there, north of Home Ave is where Mid-City starts, and south of Home Ave is where D4 should start.
  • Mt. Hope Community Garden should be in D4: Many D4 residents have a plot at this community garden, even though it’s currently in District 9. This is a gathering place for many D4 residents and should be in D4.
  • Shelltown and Southcrest should be together in D9: Residents in these two neighborhoods have historically advocated to be kept together in the same district and therefore should be together in D9

If you’d like to have your voice heard and participate in the process, contact Laila Aziz at