Responding to the Highway Patrol Officer Beating of A Black Woman


By Dr. John E. Warren

The video recording of a Highway Patrol Officer brutally beating a Black woman with his fist tells us more than any “investigative report” can ever come up with. It was a clear act of violence which if it had been committed by a private citizen would have brought immediate charges of assault and battery. The beating was so violent that the reason for confronting the woman in the first place becomes unimportant absence her attempting to use a deadly weapon and that clearly was not the case.ttery as there was for the taking of Donald Sterling’s NBA Franchise from him for his comments about Black people. The beating of this woman was just as violent and racist as Sterling’s remarks and even more so because of the violence on this woman. The only thing worse than the beating itself is the fact that so many people drove by on the freeway, saw the beating in progress and did and said nothing, not even the honking of their horns against him.

We the public demand that this officer be fired and charged with the crime he committed. This beating shows that we have not come that far since the Rodney King incident and that it appears that the only thing missing for law enforcement is “opportunity” to beat a Black person with such obvious hatred. There are very special provisions at law for charging law enforcement officers who do things that would otherwise be illegal under the “color of law,” for example the killing of a person in the line of duty being considered “justifiable homocide”.

We should start a letter writing campaign to the Governor and the Attorney General who happens to be a Black woman, calling for immediate action in this case. This paper will write about this issue until we see results and not just a “white wash.” Where is your letter of concern?