Rev. Shane Harris’ Community Christmas Breakfast


By Staff Writer
Photos by Voice & Viewpoint

The National Black Contractors Association (NBCA) building was transformed into a place of Christmas excitement on Christmas Day this year. Rev Harris, his People’s Alliance For Justice and supporters were engaged in serving foster families and those less fortunate by providing a free Christmas for them, which included breakfast and toys for the kids.

The special guests on hand helping with serving families were San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry, who was back for the third year; NAACP San Diego Chapter Vice President, Francine Maxwell; San Diego Port Commissioner Raphael Castellanos, and the President of the San Diego Regional Task Force on Homelessness.

Rev. Harris announced a new partnership with the Regional Task Force that will provide an actual count of the homeless and other coordinated services between the Task Force and the People’s Alliance. Rev. Harris, himself a product of the San Diego County Foster Care system, pledged to fight for an increase in the exit age of Foster Care from 24 to 30 years of age and additional services. At present, San Diego County is one of the few counties in California that provides transition housing and services for those leaving the system after the age of 18.

BCA President Abdur-Rahim Hameed is to be thanked for the support he has given this effort for the last three years.

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