Rhythm’s Chicken & Waffles Keeps the Taste Buds Dancing


By Brian Goodin
Photos by Brian Goodin

The flavor of success for young Brian Foxworth is located at 1136 Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach. He calls his new restaurant of eleven months, Rhythm’s Chicken & Waffles. It’s a name derived from the musically orientated club DJ, Dr. Brian Foxworth Sr., his father. The beat of this very soulful eatery is also tied to the late Revered Foxworth of Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church here in San Diego. Young Brian is his grandson.

The restaurant, in the heart of PB, is a delectable detour from the typical taco shops, pizza joints, and fast food places in the area. This small storefront takeout restaurant is armed with more than enough mouth-watering treats to keep you coming back again and again. One of Rhythm’s fan favorites is the Original Chicken & Waffle Sandwich which consists of tender chicken breast dipped in syrup between a Belgian waffle, topped with bacon, cheese, and a side syrup. However,

Like anything worth having, success didn’t come overnight for the 32-year-old man who is a product of southeast San Diego. He is an alumnus of San Diego High School. As a student he was instrumental in having an outside restaurant bring in fried chicken as an alternative to the campus lunch menu. Just the same, for the last two years he has been rolling in and around Pacific Beach with his food truck to many different locations, building a customer base that would support his newfound permanent storefront.

Every Batman has a Robin and, in this case, Brian Foxworth has the irreplaceable Collette Foxworth, his mother. While he divides his time between his other job as a cardiologist technician she keeps the ship afloat and the small crew of employees feeding their clientele.

Much of their business is not only from PB locals but from many wonderful people in the southeast community who make the short trip across town for the exceptionally delicious food. In this perilous time, we still need to eat, so when you’re keeping in step with your appetite Rhythm’s Chicken & Waffles is a great choice. They are open daily.

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