Roll N Skate at Lincoln High School



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The event was the idea of Mrs. Edwina Hardaway, member of the South East Kiwanis Club. In May, the Kiwanis Club members and the Lincoln High School Key Club got together and organized the event. Mrs. Hardaway went to Mission Rental and got skates for 52 participants. The event was billed as “Free Roller Skates, skate boards and fun music with friends from 3 until 5pm at the Center Quad.” The event was a success as kids showed up to put on skates and circle the Quad. Some were seasoned skaters, others appear to be just learning, but all were helping each other and having so much fun that more such events are planned.

Members of the Key Club said their goal was one of outreach and involvement in the community, making the partnership with the Kiwanis Club a natural fit. The Southeast Kiwanis Club has five leadership programs with Morse High School, Lincoln High School, Hardin, Fletcher and Kieler Elementary School with a view toward making the kids responsible for organizing and recruiting members as a part of building leadership. On hand for the event were Secretary Zonice Jones who is a former president of the Kiwanis, Edwina Hardaway, advisor to Lincoln Key Club, and Dr. A. Woodridge, coordinator for all 5 programs. Mrs. Connie Ware, Lincoln High School Security, was also there working with the kids as she does daily.

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