San Diego Non Profit Offers Alternative After Graduation


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Next Generation of Service (NGS), a San Diego based non-profit, is working to help empower students with the opportunity to pursue purpose-driven career paths built around their unique strengths, passions and the social causes that stir them. With an increasing number of students graduating college that have yet to determine where life after graduation leads, the need has never been higher.

“I want students to embrace that they can make a difference in the community and have a career too,” founder Anna Lenhart stated. “Students want to serve. They want their life’s work to better the community. They just don’t know the best way to go about serving while maintaining the ability to develop a professional career track.”
That is where NGS comes in. Lenhart founded the organization after completing an AmeriCorps VISTA yearlong term of service. Once returning, she found herself answering a consistent stream of questions from like-minded students.

NGS connects young people to social change organizations by offering vocational mentorship and promoting service as a component of any career path. Mentors are trained in basic coaching strategies that help students explore and discover their passions. Prepared with resources and an understanding of unique long-term service opportunities, mentors help youth get started toward a rewarding, purpose-driven career.

NGS has been working with the USD Center for Community Service-Learning (CASA), facilitating 3 pilot workshops over the past year. NGS is a member of the Zahn Innovation Center at SDSU. They have conducted one-on-one guidance session help on campus and via video conference on both campuses.

In order to increase reach, impacting the lives of more students, NGS launched a Crowdrise fundraising campaign on May 20th. With the success of the campaign, NGS will be able to take their programs national, giving students throughout the country the opportunity to chart professional lives that help develop a more socially responsible society. NGS kicked off fundraising efforts Tuesday at the Pizza Port in Ocean Beach.

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