San Diego Poetry Slam Launches New Season


On Monday, September 12th, the San Diego Poetry Slam hosted its first slam competition of the season. Over 300 people filled Queen Bee’s Art and Culture Center to witness poets share their work to accumulate points for the grand slam in April. Five judges are selected from the audience and score poems on a scale of 0-10 using decimal points to avoid ties. The high and low scores are dropped and the three in the middle are added up for the official score. The highest scoring poet at the end of two rounds wins.

13 poets competed and the top five gained points towards the April final stage.

After a high energy first round of poems, which consisted of four consecutive perfect score performances, six poets made it into the second round. Joe Liemer and Sakea Anaisa tied for first place after scoring perfect 30 performances in both rounds. Limer is a professor at Palomar College and has represented San Diego on the slam team previously. Anaisa is a new comer to the scene and looks poised to make a run for final stage. Filling out the top five were Anita D and Amen Ra, members of the 2nd place 2016 team, followed by Shannon ‘No Shoes’ Linzer.

The next competition will take place on Monday, October 10th at Queen Bee’s. For more information and updates, like the San Diego Poetry Slam’s Facebook Page.

9.12.16 Top 5 

(1) Sakea Anaisa – 5 points

(1) Joe Limer – 5 points

(3) Anita D – 3 points

(4) Amen Ra – 2 points

(5) No Shoes  – 1 point