San Diego PoetrySlam Hosts 2nd Competition of the Year


On Monday, October 10th, The San Diego PoetrySlam held its second competition of the year at Queen Bee’s Art and Culture Center. This event is quickly becoming one of the most popular poetry events in the country. For the second month in a row, over 300 attendees gathered to witness 14 poets compete to earn points towards the grand slam in April. The slam was two rounds with five randomly selected judges in the audience scoring poems on a scale of 0-10 using decimals to avoid ties.


Chrissy Croft, a house manager at Sovereign Health Group, took first place. This marked her first win at a San Diego Poetry Slam. Anita D, a member of the 2016 team, took second. Newcomer Ali took third and Joe Limer, last month’s winner and Sherwin Ginez finished in a tie for the final two spots in the top five.

Next month’s slam will take place on November 14th, 8pm at Queen Bee’s.

Point totals for the 2016-2017 Slam Season

1) Anita D (7 points)

1) Joe Limer (7 points)

2) Chrissy Croft (5 points)

2) Sakea Anaisa (5 points)

3) Ali (3 points)

4) Sherwin Ginez (2 points)

4) Amen Ra (2 points)

5) No Shoes (1 point)


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