Say Hello to Summer Savings with Energy Efficiency


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Summer is officially here in California. Temperatures across the state are rising and with many Californians still doing their part by staying at home, it’s important for residents to remember that as temperatures go up, so will energy bills.

Energy Upgrade California recently shared these simple tips, so you don’t have to sweat your energy use and may be able to save money too:

  • Check the A/C: Two-thirds of all homes in California have air conditioners. Just by adjusting your A/C to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher you can make a difference and stay comfortable.
  • Leave space to vent: Your A/C vents need room to breathe, too. Keep vents clear to ensure the best possible ventilation since obstructing vents blocks air, wastes energy and may even pose a fire hazard.
  • Shut the shades: During the daytime, sunlight passing through windows heats your home, making your A/C work harder. Stay cool by keeping blinds or drapes closed on sunny days.
  • Become a fan of fans: When it gets warm instead of turning up the A/C, use a personal fan to keep air circulating and stay just as comfortable while reducing your cooling costs.
  • Keep cool air where it belongs: Ensure that you’re A/C isn’t working overtime. Consider sealing and insulating your windows to keep hot air out and cool air in. Insulate your attic and walls and seal openings to prevent warm air leaks. Insulate and seal ducts to reduce about 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption!
  • Dial down the water heater: Turn your water heater’s temperature down a few degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to save energy without breaking a sweat.

By taking a few of these easy actions, you can stay cool, efficient and help keep California golden. Learn more ways you can save energy and money by visiting

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