Sharde Gail Robinson


Our loving and funny Sharde Gail was born on October 19, 1989, a whole eleven minutes before her identical twin, Janey Corann. As a child, she was an old soul full of life, yet her Momma said she was stubborn and strong-willed.

In Pensacola, Florida, Sharde and Janey were Girl Scouts, in a dance club, and even had a modeling opportunity (thanks to Janey’s face). She graduated from Serra High School at the top of her class. In her early 20s, Sharde relocated to Georgia with her high school sweetheart, Kerwin Hobbs. She was an amazing provider and mother of four beautiful children whom she loved everything about. They were her world, Zya, Kayson, Zykya, and Caleb.

Sharde visited her family in California often and eventually relocated to Texas, where she met some influential people that inspired her to seek her passions in life. Her laugh was infectious is what all her cousins remember the most.

Sharde entered eternity on October 19, 2022. She was preceded in death by brother Tyrone Travis, Jr. She leaves behind to cherish her memories parents Tara and Ronald Robinson; a special bond tighter than sisters younger twin, Janey Corann; her protective baby brother and driver, Taron Robinson; her children; nieces and nephews Janey-Laniel, Quentin, Jakaylen, Jaidyn & Mark; and an abundance of relatives and friends all who loved her dearly.