Social Issues In Midst of the Virus Continue


By Dr. John E. Warren Publisher

One would think that in the midst of the Coronavirus, and the wave of sickness and death which has come with it, that reasonable people would put aside their differences and realize that we are all God’s children and that we are all being affected either directly or indirectly. It appears that there is evidence to the contrary. We see some Asian Americans coming under attack because of a President who has mis-named the virus, calling it “the Chinese Virus.” We have seen at least one Asian youth attacked and beaten because of the name given to this virus.

We see gun store owners in non-urban areas insisting that their businesses are essential as ales soar for firearms and ammunition. Those making the purchases are nonethnic minorities, as ear replaces compassion in the midst of this crisis. The issue should not be guns and bullets, but how we can help one another.

Here in San Diego we are still having some reports of Police Profiling. Just recently in the Skyline community, two African American males were stopped; initially accused of driving a stolen car, which it was not. Then, the passenger in the car was fingerprinted under the excuse that he looked like a runaway. Additional units were called, numbering up to 10 officers and eventually these young men were released. We need the police to know that in the midst of this crisis, we are still watching them as a community.

African American males must not be afraid to drive in the Skyline area or any other parts of this city or county just based on the color of their skin.

The greater issue is the gun and ammunition purchases that are taking place under the erroneous label of “essential service.”

The FBI has reported that hate crimes are up during this time. Let’s focus on those and not join the haters by targeting others just because of the color of their skin.

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