Steps for Success Youth Summit 4.0


Voice & Viewpoint News Wire

Reach One Teach One, a non-profit organization focused on mentoring youth, reducing gang and community violence and improving the quality of life in urban neighborhoods, is holding its fourth Youth Summit, “Steps for Success,” on Saturday, April 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The keynote speaker for this event is Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

“Steps for Success” is free for middle school and high school students, and will be held at the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC), located at 4343 Ocean View Boulevard.  Those who attend will obtain the tools they need to develop positive peer and professional relationships and will receive information about employment and educational opportunities.  The goal is to empower our youth to become productive citizens and future leaders.  The program includes discussion-style breakout sessions, free lunch, raffle prizes, and entertainment.  To register, go to or  For more information, call 619-866-3353.

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