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Victim of private spyware warns it can be used against US

By Nomaan Merchant, Associated Press Months after her father was lured back to Rwanda under false pretenses and jailed, Carine Kanimba discovered her own phone...

‘Ethiopia’s other conflict’: what’s driving the violence in Oromia?

By Asafa Jalata, University of Tennessee In November 2020 an outbreak of violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region captured worldwide attention. The conflict was between Tigrayan...

As US poised to restrict abortion, other nations ease access

By ASTRID SUÁREZ and CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN, Associated Press As women in the United States find themselves on the verge of possibly losing the constitutional right...

CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY: The Wilmington Ten, Fifty Years Later

On Feb. 6, during an uncharacteristically frigid night for a southern city like Wilmington, a bomb was set off in the popular neighborhood grocery. As police and firefighters arrived on the scene, gun fire could be heard above the siren squeals and activity. Sniper fire, which was intended for the Wilmington Ten’s members, struck a police officer. Police eventually arrested the ten activists.