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Rittenhouse Verdict Flies in the Face of Legal Standards for Self-defense

Rittenhouse Verdict Flies in the Face of Legal Standards for Self-defense Ronald Sullivan, Harvard Law School In a two-week trial that reignited debate over self-defense laws...

No Charges Against Wisconsin Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake

By TODD RICHMOND and MICHAEL TARM Associated Press A Wisconsin prosecutor declined Tuesday to file charges against a white police officer who shot a Black man...

2 Shootings, 2 Days: In Kenosha, a Microcosm of US Strife

JENNIFER PELTZ and RUSSELL CONTRERAS | Associated Press A Black man, accosted by police on a domestic dispute call, is left with bullet wounds in...

Live Martial Arts demos, and much more.

Happy Birthday Queen Mother Kathleen Harmon

Mistress of Ceremony: Judge Mableu Ephriam

Each year we partner with San Diego County Youth Football Teams to give need-based grants to some of their athletes.  This grant covers the cost of the athlete participating in the organization. This is a joint effort with Rudolph A. Johnson III, CEO of Neighborhood House Association and the Phi Omicron and Beta Nu Nu Chapters of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The outyear goal is to establish a grant with each of the 15 teams across San Diego county.

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