The Community Reaction to the “Bad” Union Tribune Cartoon


By Dr. John E Warren

Nothing but good words and pride to those members of the community who immediately challenged the San Diego Union Tribune Cartoonist for his “bad” taste and character smearing cartoon, which was quickly removed with apologies and meetings with the U.T. Editorial Board. Much concern about the call for diversity training, more jobs for Blacks and positions on the paper’s Advisory Board.

Let’s not forget the “privileged” that led to the initial belief that such a cartoon was okay. In this age of declining newspapers and newspaper sales, the UT needs Black readership. Black readership brings advertisers, who want our market share without dealing with Black newspapers, if possible, because advertising dollars are the lifeblood of newspapers. Black newspapers, of which the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint happens to be among the oldest, are in the 192nd year of the Black Press telling our story without many of those ad dollars…

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