The Continued Deaths in Our Communities


Dr. John E. Warren

This week we experienced more brutal deaths in our neighborhoods. These were not caused by terrorists, nor White radicals or Klan members. These deaths were caused by us among us. It continues to be a sad day when we kill ourselves for those who wish us ill without them even asking that we do so. We continue to call for a stop to the killing. But it seems that the calls are coming too late. We have a whole new generation of angry Black males, many of whom have grown up without a knowledge of God or the value of human life.

This is not an issue that can be solved by the Police. They can make the arrest after the fact, but the change must come before the violence is committed. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole community and much prayer to change the minds and hearts of those committing these acts. It is the hope of Black Men United that as we make renewed efforts to mentor and help our young men in particular that the seeds of change of heart and value of human life will take hold. We must remember that if prayer and non-violence brought us through the Civil Rights movement, it can take us through the ending of deaths on our streets.

In the end, we must love and respect ourselves before we can demand that others do likewise. Let us pray for those who mourn as if it were we ourselves.