The Mustard Seed Wood Program At Lemon Grove


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The program is as unique as the lady who came up with the idea. It’s called a Youth Skills Development Program teaching youth skills on how money works, Building Interpersonal Skills Through Woodworking and Writing Grants For Community Entrepreneurs and Innovators. All of this is the idea of Mrs. Edwina Hardieway, a lady that loves working with and helping young people.

The program held an event Saturday, October 12, at the Lee House in Lemon Grove with Helen Ofield, President of the Lemon Grove Historical Society as the host. Helen spoke of how she met Edwina and the chemistry between them. Edwina explained how the Mustard Seed Wood, Inc. is a pre-vocational furniture project that provides access for youth to learn essential skills related to the carpentry trade, mathematics and interpersonal relationships. The program provides measurements of success, community partnerships which span a number of organizations.

Edwina pointed out in her remarks how the program starts mustard seed small, hence its name, but grows with each person and effort.

The event also provided an opportunity to show off the culinary skills of students from Morse High School who handle the preparation and service of the food provided. There were also some exciting young Aztec dancers who performed ancient prayer dances which was amazing considering their youthfulness. The attending guests were from a cross section of the communities representing and supporting the program. This was a great event in many ways.

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