The Ongoing Case of Aleah Jenkins and the San Diego Police


By Dr. John E Warren

This week, the mother of the late Aleah Jenkins, who died while in San Diego Police custody, were present for the San Diego City Council Committee on Public Safety and Livable  Neighborhoods. During public comment questions were raised as to why the “body camera” from the police officers involved in Ms. Jenkins’ incident has not been released? There were questions as to the conduct of the police officers involved and demands for an investigation with results to be made public. There were also questions as to the handling of this matter by both the Mayor and the Chief of Police.

It would appear that the questions being raised by the mother of the late Ms. Jenkins are very important ones. But there also appears to be a danger of the importance of the message getting lost in the people delivering the message. Committee Chairperson Monica Montgomery was more than sensitive when the protestors disrupted the rest of her committee meeting after public comment ended. She was more than gracious in recessing the committee while the protestors continued to speak out and demonstrate so as to stop the committee’s work. Council member Montgomery even proceeded to meet with the demonstrators during the recess she had called…

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