The Poverty Lawsuit Has Some Pros and Cons


By Dr. John E. Warren Publisher

The lawsuit filed by members of the Southeastern San Diego Community is a very important one that should be praised on the one hand for its comprehensive look at issues affecting the residents of that particular segment of our city and county population. It identifies many of the problems many of us have seen for years but had not codified to the extent of this lawsuit.

It is true that more housing is needed and that the City’s homeless problem is and has moved east. There is a serious need for more housing. At least three new housing projects have come on line: Ouchi at Imperial Avenue and Euclid, the Jacobs apartment project at the Euclid Trolley stop, and the Apartment complex at the Market Street and Imperial Avenue Trolley stop, with more developments scheduled including the Mosque No. 8 location on Imperial Avenue…

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