The San Diego International Birthing Project Toy Give-a-Way


Contributing Writer
Photos courtesy of Shelley Winn

The San Diego International Birthing Project (SDIBP) joined with the Jackie Robinson YMCA on Saturday, December 21st for their annual toy give-a-way. SDIBP was able to incorporate Black Santa Claus and a Holiday Raffle for the children and families. Congratulations to the winners: Valerie, H. (Cake), Dan, (veggie chopper), Michelle W. (candle warmer) Malliya, and Denise (Holiday Basket). The event was held in collaboration with several organizations who are working together in the community to bring about awareness and change.
The San Diego International Birthing Project, formally known as the San Diego Birthing Project, is a sister satellite of the USA Birthing Project which has been established for over 30 years. SDIBP is community- based volunteer organization that provides support and advocacy for pregnant moms to prevent maternal morbidity and infant mortality. They work with mothers, fathers, and families who need social support. Our organization provides one-on-one support, mentorship, educational resources, baby supplies, referrals, support groups and a father initiative program. The organization was previously coordinated by Ms. Cynthia Boyd who handed the mantle to the new Executive Director Shelley Winn, who has two Master’s degrees, one in Education and the other in Theology. Winn is currently working on her Doctoral degree in Education and organizational leadership. She is the second generation of the project with innovative ideas, new goals, motivation and most of all love for her community. If you know anyone interested in getting involved or have questions, please contact Shelley at 619-727-3305.

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