THE SOUL HAS NO COLOR: It is the Soul’s Character We Must Vote For


D. Van Rensalier-Warren

By D. Van Rensalier-Warren
Founder, Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation

All my adult life, I have often said—the Soul has no color, it is the soul’s Character God will judge each of us by. I say to you, Dear Reader, as a California resident you must get up, go out, and give our California state a vote not based on color, but based on character. In this case, Gov. Gavin Newsom is a man who will continue to lead us by his character, not his color. Some people may mistakenly vote for Larry Elders by his color, not his good character.

As a bi-racial black person born in New York, but raised in San Diego as white, I found out in 1958 at age 17 that half my ancestry was also secretly Black. I morally chose to leave home to openly live my life not as an advantaged white, but as Black because I deeply believed then, and still do to this day long before this saying became popular: My Black Life Matters. Who should know better than I, one who has literally lived their life by this true and moral fact.

Choose the right people throughout your life to vote for. Choose by who will guide us through our state and our country according to his moral character, not his skin color. Always choose by who will guide all of us equally for the better good, not by just the advantage of race.

In this case, a vote for California Larry Elders, a Black radio host, is a vote for a person’s character who is like Donald Trump. Both Larry Elders and Donald Trump—one Black and one white—both have destructive characters (Elders repeatedly comments that “slave owners should have been given reparations for the loss of their property”, that there should not be sex education in schools, and a woman who accused him of sexual harassment was “too ugly for the allegation to be true”.) All one has to do is not to look at Elders’ color, but to listen to Elders’ general ‘Trumpian’ philosophy. (Reflect on Los Angeles Mayor’s wise words on Gov. Newsom’s character: “This is someone who is smart, who is courageous, who is willing to learn from yesterday and to make today better.”)

Vote for our present governor, Governor Gavin Newsom, who is of a much higher character. Please, vote “NO” on the Governor recall ballot.