The Voice & Viewpoint and Black Men United Town Hall Meeting


 By Dr. John E. Warren         

Clearly our Town Hall Meeting next Thursday can be one of the most significant pre-election events in our community. When we speak of community, we need to make it clear that we are not just talking about Southeastern San Diego. The Community, according to the use of the word made by the Voice & Viewpoint over the last 27 years, has meant that the concept extends to wherever African Americans, in particular, and people we consider community live. There is the community of the City of San Diego and then there are the communities within that city and within the county itself.

While what was just stated might seem obvious, there are still many who would marginalize our communities so as to make us appear less important than we really are. This Town Hall Meeting is a reminder that every vote counts; that we are fortunate to be able to vote and not be victims of the roll back of voting rights our brothers and sisters of color will experience in the State of Texas this November election day.

We must raise questions about the people and the issues on the ballot, but we have to be present to do so. To the members of Black Men United, this Town Hall Meeting will help formulate an action agenda for the coming months and year. This is not about who we like or dislike, it is about our collective survival in a time when only those who struggle the most will be heard and recognized. Where will you be?