This Week’s Paper – March 14, 2019



We are San Diego’s largest African American newspaper, reporting news from an African American perspective.

Established in 1960, Dr. John Warren is the Publisher of the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, a 56-year-old nationally award winning publication. Dr. Warren and his late wife and co-publisher, Gerri Warren (emeritus), worked diligently in the community to make the publication what the people want.

For more than five decades, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint has faithfully reported on news from an African-American perspective and African-American communities of San Diego County, from small church gatherings to major political campaigns. As San Diego’s largest African American publication, our news features have highlighted people and events in a more comprehensive manner, while commentators have argued from different points of view in the lively op-ed pages. The Voice & Viewpoint has grown over the last decade to over 350 newsstands and outlets in convenience stores. Our publication can be found in all 89 zip codes of San Diego and has readership of over 60,000.


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