Trump Took the Election and This is What Americans Can Expect in Return


FORT WORTH, TX - FEBRUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center on February 26, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. Trump is campaigning in Texas, days ahead of the Super Tuesday primary. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

By Kai EL´Zabar (Chicago Defender, NNPA Member)

Good Morning, America. We just got Trumped.

On November 9, America welcomed President-elect Donald Trump to the world stage. The Chicago Defender endorsed Democratic presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, because after careful examination, we believed that she was the best person for the job. However, the American people have spoken, and unlike our newly elected president, we accept the voice of the people immediately.

The president’s work is made up of a complex of serious responsibilities and requires that the juggling of all the balls in the air, while keeping each in focus with the realization that each individually is important and of significant value and has an impact upon the whole. It takes a wise and seasoned sage to comprehend that they are all connected in such a way that none of them can be ignored without having some effect upon the rest.

Take President Obama, for instance. In September 2008, when faced with the worst recession in 80 years, at the time, caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a sprawling global bank that almost brought down the world’s financial system. President Obama supported plans to bail out Wall Street banks and the auto companies, because he knew that if all those workers were unemployed, they wouldn’t be able to meet their house payments or continue to shop and support their community retailers, or banks. Eventually, their communities would go bankrupt. Their communities would become ghost towns like Gary, Ind., Youngstown, Ohio or countless other cities that experienced downturns when their main industry disappeared.

And where would we be now if President Obama didn’t have the temperament to see those decisions through? The concern is, that as president, most decisions that he makes are not do-overs. Filing bankruptcy as an out to escape your shortcomings and shorting the folks you owe, is not a viable solution in the Oval office. No, the president has to foresee the future based on the choices that he makes. Given that, heaven help us.

We are not excited with glee or joyful that Donald Trump is president-elect. However, we will put forth our best to work to make America bearable. As a paper borne out of the throes of racism, segregation and inequality, we see our mission as more important than ever before. We have little tolerance or respect for a man who says, “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.” This is central to all that really matters.

If his campaign rhetoric offers any insight into how he will lead, here are a few things to remember:

In the past, President-elect Donald Trump has voiced his intentions to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care, yet he has said little about the system he envisions putting in its place. Non-partisan analysts project that as many as 20 million people could lose health insurance if the law is reversed.

He has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border.

He has voiced his support of “Stop and Frisk” policies as well as racially profiling.

He said that any doctor who performs an abortion as well as the woman who receives an abortion should be punished, a statement he later tried to clean up.

He has said that all immigrants in the country illegally must be deported — an estimated 11 million people.

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