Trump’s Government-Sponsored Child Abuse


by Dee Van Rensalier-Warren

Due to President Trump’s Separation Policy, hundreds of children, toddlers and babies have been snatched away from their illegal immigrant parents, parents who are seeking asylum at American borders. These parents are extremely stressed, some hysterical, over Border Patrol Agents (BPA) at U.S. Borders forcibly taking their young children away. They immediately transported them throughout the country to unnamed detention camps and locked in large cages. Some witnesses have already seen babies now orphaned in cages, continuously screaming and crying from fear-filled trauma.

This immigration policy is an immoral, cruel policy: not a law. This policy was premeditatedly created and signed by President Trump as leverage to “O tolerance” and to motivate congress into adding funds to build his “Wall” to keep illegal immigrants out. I repeat, separating immigrant families at our borders is not, NOT a law. It is a manipulative policy to implement government-sponsored cruel, child abuse.

When Trump speaks about these children brought to the borders by their families, referring to them and their families as “Infestation”. Infestation is a racist term used by his political base, many are his “white purity” right-wing nationals. Forcibly separating children from their parents are like the days of slavery when black children were forcibly separated from their parents, never to see them again.

Regardless of color, unlike the pre-Civil War days, we must all clearly see that this is an issue transcending race, an issue beyond race. It is politically and morally inhumane—period.
Due to national pressure from many of us, Trump has finally relented. But the saddest part is: led by Trump’s separation policy, the U.S. government has made no plans for reuniting hundreds of separated families with over two thousand of their young, innocent children. I am proud not to ask, what has America come to? I am proud to say—it is now up to all of us!

Dee Van Rensalier-Warren is founder and president
of the Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation
email her at:

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