Two Priorities for the Month of September 2020


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

Normally the country would be preparing to celebrate Labor Day and the close of summer. Well, the virus has cancelled most celebrations and this year we have two very important things to be concerned about above and beyond those things we have made our personal interest.

We refer to the completion of the Census Count scheduled for September 30 instead of October 31, as initially planned. We salute those many organizations and individuals who have joined this paper in both getting the word out about the importance of being counted and the efforts of individuals and groups to insure the count. The result is that San Diego County has a higher census count response than many other counties in California. But we still have a month to get to many of those who are homeless or think they no longer count. Everyone in this country counts. This is a constitutional right that applies, whether or not one is legally here or illegally here, without threats from government agencies.

Our second challenge is Voter Registration of those who are not registered; informing everyone of their right to register to vote; and placing the burden on the Register of Voters if there is a challenge. Where there are questions because of past criminal records, there is time to get those questions resolved since there is a month before ballots are to be mailed out and registration will be available up to, and including, election day.

African Americans and Africans who are legal citizens have a right to vote.

A recent poll by the San Diego Union Tribune and 10 News of San Diegans’ views on the mayoral race and the measures on the ballot for the City of San Diego reported survey responses for conservative Whites, Asians and Latinos, but no sample or pulling of African American residents or African residents on any of the candidates or issues were included in the survey. Perhaps this is an early indicator or declaring that our votes don’t count. Which is interesting, as our Vice Presidential candidate is from California, Blacks put Biden on the ticket for President, and our votes are expected to make the difference in the coming Presidential election.

Perhaps here in the City of San Diego Africans and African Americans had better take a closer look at the ballots, the candidates, and the issues and not let our votes be taken for granted by either pollsters or candidates. All omissions of us should be taken as personal insults and met with increased voter registration and serious consideration of who and what we give our votes to. Something to think about?

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