Two Virgins Wed: Gospel Recording Artist Tim Bowman, Jr. And New Wife Brelyn Saved Themselves For Marriage


Article By Paige Anderson // EEW MAGAZINE SEX & MARRIAGE

 Gospel recording artist Tim Bowman, Jr. has married a woman with whom he shares something in common: both were virgins on their wedding day.

On Saturday, Oct. 10, the “I’m Good” singer wed Brelyn Freeman, now Bowman, and the two are letting others know that dating God’s way is possible.

“If one person has made a decision to wait until marriage or decide to stop & wait we have done our job!” wrote the newlywed wife on Instagram.

The daughter of Pastor Mike and First Lady Dee Dee Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Church in Maryland, added, “Let’s make Jesus famous!”

Well, Mrs. Bowman’s desire to get folks talking about God seems to be working.

Though she looked stunning in her Vera Wang gown and he in his Tom Ford tux, it is not the couple’s garments that has the Internet buzzing.

It is Mrs. Bowman’s “Certificate of Purity” she presented to her dad on her wedding day that has tongues wagging.

The certificate is literally a formal document, signed by her doctor, confirming that her hymen was still intact, signifying virginity.

That’s taking proof to another level.

Mrs. Bowman’s decision to back her spiritual commitment up with physical evidence has been met with mixed reviews.

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