UC Plans No Resumption of Standardized Testing for Admission


Original University of California seal: probably Tiffany & Co,; This SVG file: User:Casecrer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

By Associated Press

The University of California will continue to not use standardized tests for admissions decisions, an official told a meeting of the UC governing board.

UC regents were told Thursday that faculty could not find an alternative test that would not have the same bias problem that led the university to stop using the SAT last year, the Los Angeles Time s reported.

“UC will continue to practice test-free admission now and into the future,” UC Provost Michael Brown told the regents.

Supporters of standardized testing contend it is a uniform measure for predicting how students from varied schools and backgrounds will perform in college.

UC, however, decided that high school grades avoid biases in tests based on race, income and parent education levels.

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