Brian Goodin | Contributing Writer
Photos by Brian Goodin

Sunday is a day of unity for many congregations and so it was for several motorcyclists who gathered this past Sunday at a shopping center in Southeast San Diego for a ride of unity.

More than 150 bikers rode on the 94 freeway from Euclid Ave headed to the La Mesa Police Department for a peaceful protest. They joined hundreds of other non-motorcycle riders at 1 pm in the parking lot on Spring St. where just a couple of weeks ago chaos broke loose from the mounting frustrations over the unjust killing of African Americans at the hands of police here in the United States.

This show of unrelenting unity and strength from people of all walks of life has taken on a global message demanding these unjust killings stop, or there will be no peace from the people. Demarcus Travis, also known as Memphis, is the President of Down Az Rider motorcycle club and he participated Saturday along with multiple other motorcycle clubs and bikers. He had this to say: “It was about showing unity and support for all that has been going on around the country and here locally. We can gather peacefully and hold the police accountable.”


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