Upcoming Event to Show Why ‘Black Girlz Rock’


By Edward Henderson

Black Girl Magic is a real thing. I see it every day. The smile on a black woman alone, even during a time when mass media hasn’t given them a reason to, can illuminate an entire room. It comes in many different shades and shapes, but its presence is undeniable. Roderick ‘Snap Da Pro’ Chase has been witness to this magic as well and wants to honor it in a very special way.

On August 20th and 21st, Chase is organizing the inaugural ‘Black Girlz Rock’ event will come to Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier. Inspired by BET’s Black Girls Rock, the event aims to educate, enrich and empower black women through workshops, awards and a live concert.

“The woman is the center of family,” Chase said. “She is the one that really holds things together. If our women aren’t personified as Queens, then a lot can be lost. If more men would cherish and understand women more there are a lot of issues we wouldn’t have in our community.”

After watching the energy created after BET’s Black Girls Rock’s broadcast, Chase felt like it was time to do something for women in San Diego in a similar fashion. He added a Z to Girls in the title to differentiate between the two events.

During day one of Black Girlz Rock there will be a morning workout and seminars on home ownership, cooking, the art of music, marketing, hairstyling and wellness will take place throughout the day. There will also be a discussion on community safety and a concert later that evening featuring poetry and live music. Day two will feature a community awards ceremony honoring women who are excelling in different areas within the San Diego community with a poetry showcase to open it.

“In the time that we’re living in right now, anything that can bring some positivity into the community is well worth it,” Chase said.

Visit blackgirlzrocksandiego.com for more details and ticket information.

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