Voices Around the City: San Diego Protesters Speak Out


April, 31, Danelle 21, both of whom are bi-racial, marched along 6th street near Balboa Park. The sisters said, "This has put our families at odds with each other, us protesting. And many of them are wondering why we are actively involved. But we don't care who we make angry in our family."

Photos by Brian Goodin

From Downtown San Diego to Santee, protesters came out in full force to peacefully express their objections to the murder of George Floyd, and the need for changes in legislation that allow rogue police officers to slide through the cracks.

Mari, 31, Amber, 31, and Venisha, 30, all represented Nurses for Solidarity and protested near Balboa Park. Venisha, speaking for all of them, said, “We need this to be long-lasting and not have things go back to the way it’s been for far too long.”
Danyale, 42, who protested near the murals on Broadway, said, “It’s awake up to the world. But it means nothing if we don’t stay consistent beyond the protest.”
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