“Wake Up Your Poison Is Ready”


By JoAnn Fields
Contributing Writer

San Diego, CA: Kitra Williams nationally acclaimed actress and songstress blessed San Diego with her original musical drama, “Wake Up Your Poison Is Ready” at St. Stephens Church of God In Christ on Friday evening, July 11, 2014. The musical drama depicts the testimony of what happens when one has the inability to wait for God to prosper them. Such is the case with a group of misguided youth who decided to choose drugs, gangs and promiscuous behavior to achieve overnight success. The hardships, despair and unfortunate encounters lead them to the dark roads of destruction and sadly, even death. However, in the end they learned that through Christ anything is possible and the challenges they had encountered turned into blessings that brought them closer to God.

Marne Foster, Vice-Chairperson of the San Diego Unified School Board of Trustees shares, “I am very impressed in the storyline. Our kids, especially our teenagers can easily relate to the scenarios that Ms. Williams expressed throughout the play. I enjoyed the music and acting as well. San Diego has a lot of talent. I am happy to see our young people be so active in the arts. We need more opportunities like this for kids to experience. The added bonus is that tonight’s event also serves as a fundraiser for the students in San Diego to participate in the upcoming Million Youth Peace March in October. I look forward to participating in their next event.”

Andrea states, “I really like the musical play ‘Wake Up Your Poison Is Ready’ because the storyline really hit home. I have a number of friends that I lost to gang violence. There really isn’t any winners in gangs. Young people, my peers need to wake up! We have to be smarter and not fall for the ‘false success stories.’ Success doesn’t mean you have to look over your shoulder when you walk down the street or to sell your body for money. We are God’s children and He promised us many blessings. We just have to obey and do the right thing. I hope more young people can watch the play and learn a few lessons like I did.”

Kitra Williams has taken “Wake Up Your Poison Is Ready” on a national tour to help raise awareness and fundraise for the upcoming Million Youth Peace March. For more information on the next show contact Cynthia Gilliam at (619)262-2671.

Photos by JoAnn Fields

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