Web Site Helps Parents Discover & Purchase Children’s Books With Black Characters


By BlackNews.com

Chapman’s company, Boxxout Enterprises, designs creative solutions for social change. BlackBabyBooks.com, which makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters, is an initiative under the Boxxout umbrella.

A children’s book author herself, Chapman launched the web site in response to the challenges shared by attendees at her book signings. She comments, “When I published my first children’s book, people would often tell me that they had trouble finding children’s books with Black characters. Early literacy is so important, as is representation in the books our children read, so I spent a weekend designing BlackBabyBooks.com.”

She continues, “The next time the issue came up at one of my signings, I was so grateful to be able to respond with a solution. I also really enjoy highlighting the work of fellow authors and entrepreneurs.”

BlackBabyBooks.com primarily lists books for children up to age eight. Authors of books in this category can recommend that their books be included on the platform by using the recommendation form on the website, and they can advertise their books on the platform’s consistently growing Instagram profile.

To empower your brilliant babies, visit www.blackbabybooks.com

Also, follow the brand on social media:

Instagram – www.instagram.com/blackbabybooks/
Facebook – www.facebook.com/BlackBabyBooks/

Learn more about Boxxout Enterprises at www.Boxxout.com

Boxxout Enterprises

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