By Darrel Wheeler
Contributing Writer

Flo-Jo International Track & Field club has been teaching youngsters of San Diego how to run, jump and throw for 22 years. For the 21st time, Flo-Jo’s Track & Field Invitational allowed the boys and girls of San Diego and beyond to showcase their many talents.

“We have been in existence for 22 years but this is our 21st Flo-Jo meet. I’ve seen a lot in 22 years, I’m coaching second generation kids now and I have watched a lot of these kid’s parents grow up. Now I’m watching and coaching their kids, time really flies,” said Elizabeth Tate owner of Flo-Jo.

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From ages five to fifteen the competitions were fast and furious on Hoover High School’s new all-weather surface. The event was an all-day affair complete with trophies, medals and ribbons for the Invitational champions and top contenders. They also had trophies for teams large & small with the most spirit. Millennium Express and “Blaze-n Heat” clubs won this year’s honors.

San Diego’s Mercury, Cheetahs, Flo-Jo, Blasters, Blessed, Falcons, and Temecula’s Time Machine and the very impressive USA Rockets were some of the clubs that showed up to get busy at last Saturday’s competition.

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“I run track because it’s my favorite sport and everyone on my team is real nice. The coaches really help us a lot and I’m having a lot of fun,” said nine year old Milan Bayless of Flo-Jo. “She is an awesome athlete,” said coach Tate.

San Diego’s generation next experienced the usual thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at last weekend’s Flo-Jo Track & Field Invitational. “The meet went pretty smooth except for some of the neighbors that complained about the noise, but they are always complaining about something. Other than that it was cool,” said Elizabeth Tate.

Photos by Darrel Wheeler: