Your Ballot, Your Vote, Your Obligation


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

If you are a registered voter in the County of San Diego, you have or you will be receiving a Ballot by mail this week for the November 3rd election. This is to remind you that your Ballot is the key to your future. When you use it, you cast your vote of approval or disapproval of the people either in office or seeking to get in office; you cast your vote on the issues that have been proposed to change your life either by adding to or taking away from you through Ballot Propositions and Measures.

You should be reminded that every vote counts. If it didn’t, there would not have been so many efforts to either keep us from voting or take our votes away from us.

You should be reminded that many people, Black and White, died that each of us might have the right to vote; that every effort is now underway in this country, mostly by Conservative Whites first in over thirty state legislatures, to suppress our votes through new requirements of voter identification cards which many older Black Voters can’t get because they don’t or no longer have Birth Certificates; the throwing out of voter registration cards under the pretense that they are outdated; the Court Rulings like the one this week in one state requiring a witness for the signing of an Absentee Ballot; of the ongoing effort to deprive ex-felons of the right to vote when their debt to society has been paid.

Each of us have an obligation to those who came before us and died that we might have this right to vote. This obligation must be honored by our participation in this process before us, not just for the nation but also for this state, our County, and our cities in which we live.

This paper carries a list of recommendations for each office on the Ballot, to help you decide. USE IT if you have not made up our mind. Vote your heart and not our friends’ suggestions. Vote for people and principles, not smiles and kisses. If in doubt, contact this paper and we shall try to answer questions, not hold debates. God Bless you and use that VOTE!

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