Armand King Hosts ‘Big Romance, Lil Finance’ Book Release Party Saturday


By Edward Henderson

When I was younger, some of the first dates I ever went on were to the movies. I’d insist my parents drop me off around the corner of the theatre to avoid the embarrassment of my date seeing me without my own means of transportation (which was a hilarious thought because I was only in middle school). I put so much thought into the movie we would see and even came up with interesting questions beforehand to ask after the movie was over.

As I grew older, however, I started to realize how expensive this whole dating thing was. As much as my imagination would run wild with ideas on how to impress the woman I was crushing on at the time, my wallet would protest more often than not.

San Diego native and activist Armand King is breaking the mold from his regular commentary on social justice to produce a book on creative and affordable date ideas entitled: ‘Big Romance, Lil Finance’. The book details each experience with pricing and romantic ways to present the date to your significant other utilizing illustrations and some humor as well.

King will team up with Bossin clothing line to host a release party for the book on Saturday, April 1st from 6-10pm at The San Diego Innovation Center. Admission to the event is free of charge.

“The books shows good things you can do with your lover from cover to cover,” said King. “We want a real creative night. We have live artwork, speed dating, a fashion show, giveaways, and live bands doing a jam session. We want a cool, creative atmosphere for people to come enjoy themselves for the night.”

King came up for the idea while he was was dating a girl he really wanted to impress but was short on funds. He wrote the book in 2010 to expand on his ideas to show people can have romance and love without breaking the bank.

“Sometimes we get hung up on that and forget we have this brain on our shoulders. I came up with little packages and nice things I could do. It’s the little things and using my imagination that helps. She loved it and it keeps the love alive.”

One example King illustrates in the book is utilizing deals and promotions restaurants with international cuisine use in newspapers and magazines. Then craft ‘passport like’ invitations for your significant other and have them choose which country they’d like to experience for dinner that evening.  The presentation of the options is what King believes will make them smile and take the idea to the next level.

With everything happening in the world today, King believes a book like this is timely to ensure healthy relationships and add fuel to a different fire burning within us all.

“Love is everything. Add love to any problem and you have the solution.”

Visit to learn more about the book and to place you’re pre-order.

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