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Photos by Voice & Viewpoint and Jason Greene

Dr. John E. Warren, publisher of The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, held his monthly “Biscuits, Grits & Politics” breakfast discussion Tuesday, January  7th at the newspaper’s headquarters, 3619 College Avenue. The room drew a packed crowd of the usual San Diego movers and shakers, and the customary fluffy biscuits, grits (cheese and regular), scrambled eggs, sausage, and fresh fruits were served to a satiated crowd that morning. Special guests were Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, who is running for County Supervisor, and SDUSD School Board candidate Dr. LuWana Richmond. Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry was invited but did not attend.

There was lively dialogue and commentary surrounding the history of the MLK Parade route, the Port of San Diego, access to quality healthcare in San Diego, city and county public policy, the Live Well Wellness Center, homelessness among African American foster youth, SDUSD suspension rates, and equitable access to jobs and contracting within the city and county.

“The county does not have an office of economic development…it’s one of the few major counties in the state of California that does not… The county has failed to lead on a variety of areas: seniors, children, housing, the environment, but also the economy,” Castellanos remarked when BCA President Hameed posed a question about contracting opportunities for African Americans in our community. Castellanos said that focused leadership and a commitment to help others strategically access opportunity will make the difference.

Dr. Warren ended the lively discussion by stating that, as a community “we have to have a memory” when we vote, being sure to hold our elected officials accountable because, many times, candidates show up in our community to get our votes but then forget us.

“You have an opportunity to speak up,” Dr. Warren said, encouraging everyone to share their views through written letters to the editor and through social media, to demonstrate that, as a community we are paying attention and we care about what affects us all.

The next Biscuits, Grits & Politics is Tuesday, February 4th, 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. For tickets, which are $15, visit or pay cash at the door.

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  1. Greetings,

    I am running for Congress in District 53. An possibility I could be interviewed by your group?

    John Brooks



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