By Theo E.J Wilson

Malcolm and Marcus would be ashamed of us.

All these years later, the children of the enslaved are still trying to wrestle their humanity out of the hands of the inhumane.  What a waste of precious energy.

So, I’ve got a question:  Have you had enough of trying to be an American, yet? We’re protesting, chanting and marching, all to what end?  To get something as basic as equal treatment under the law?

Ultimately, we still seek to convince an indifferent, complacent white majority we are more than three-fifths human, and above the level of dogs in the American pecking order.

As radical, revolutionary and threatening as the Black Lives Matter movement appears, it has a fundamental flaw.  It’s still an ‘ask’ to white people to validate our worth.

However aggressive the language, however disruptive the protests, black people already know that ‘Black Lives Matter.’  The statement is meant for white ears.

Researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough conducted a study that found the human brain is considerably slow to register the activity of someone outside one’s own race. When witnessing simple actions of non-whites, researchers concluded the study’s white participants might as well have been watching a blank screen.

They don’t see us. They don’t recognize us.

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