COVID 19: Not An Excuse For Racism & Police Misconduct


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

It seems like whenever there exists an emergency, there are some people who seek to take advantage as a cover for their personally racist views. This editorial is to serve notice that such conduct will not go uncheck in the midst of this pandemic.

Two examples: Recently an individual showed up at a Von’s Grocery Store in Santee wearing a KKK hood for a face covering. He was asked to remove the hood (by store employees) and to leave the store. He removed the hood and was allowed to shop. His conduct was an offensive gesture to people of color in particular who know and remember what the hood represents. This must not become the start of a new wave of racist gestures. Secondly, over the weekend, an African American woman who was walking her dog on the beach, without a lease, which we must say up front was wrong, was approached by lifeguards. When she refused to secure the dog, according to some observers, the police were called. After some discussion, the police attempted to handcuff her. She was forced faced down in the sand and three police officers, after a further struggle, placed her in a patrol car and attempted to take her to detox. Detox would not accept her since she was not drunk and she was released.

The point here is, how can the police, week after week, stand around and watch crowds of white people violate social distance, gather at the beach, protest the stay-at-home order in downtown San Diego as well as North County? Much of this is occurring after the County Sheriff had announced strict citation enforcements. We have had other instances in the Southeastern communities of police stopping individuals walking alone, with face covering and questioning why they are out. Let it be known that COVID-19 will not become a cover for more Black Profiling or less than equal treatment for all, regardless of color or neighborhood. Privilege, either perceived or real will not be allowed to replace equality and fairness.

If you see something, record it and say something. Vigilance is the price of freedom.

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