EDITORIAL: We Honor Our Black History By What We Do Today


By Dr. John E. Warren – Publisher

This week we continue to observe Black History Month. But the reality is that it should be observed every week as a means of not letting history repeat itself. It should not take people from outside of our community to remind us of our struggles. This Civil Rights movement was just as strong in San Diego as in the South, as a hand full of people like Mr. Hartwell Ragsdale, Sr., Dr.. Kimbrough, Carrol Waymon, Vernon Sukumu, George Stevens, Harold Brown and George Walker Smith fought along side Leon Williams to bring change to San Diego. The difference is those people were concerned about the whole community  and not just themselves.

Today history seems to have flipped as more individuals focus on themselves as the answer to our problems rather than on the collective needs of all of us. Fifty years ago we were fighting for the right to vote. Today we are fighting to get people to vote. Fifty years ago you knew you were Black because you were segregated at every turn. Today everyone knows we are Black but us. To help us overcome some of these challenges, the Voice & Viewpoint intends to run a piece on Moments in Black History, each week, where possible to help us remember who we are and what we have done. Perhaps this will continue the legacy started by Dr. Carter G. Woodson back in 1926. It would also be a good idea if some of us read or re-read his famous book, “The Mis Education of the Negro” It might help us take a long look at just what we are doing and the things we need to do.