First Black Health App For iPhone and Android Released Along with African American Greeting Card App


3-1-2013-2-24-56-PM-10573174Savvier Health, LLC is pleased to announce the first African American health app for Android and iPhone. Total Health for African American Christians takes a mind, body, and spirit approach to healing some of the most devastating health conditions plaguing African Americans today.

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps on the market today, so I was very surprised to find ‘no results’ when I searched the App Store for African American and Black health apps, especially when there are so many issues that impact us disproportionately,” says A. Maria Hester, M.D., principal of Savvier Health, LLC.

She goes on to say, “I have seen far too many people suffer needlessly and die prematurely. It’s simply heartbreaking. I couldn’t rest knowing how many patients and their families were devastated by treatable, sometimes preventable diseases, so while still in medical school, over 20 years ago, I got busy writing my first book, Bridging the Gaps: An African American Guide to Health and Self-Empowerment, and I have been trying to empower people ever since.”

Common medical conditions, and their toll on the black community, are the key focus of this app. Topics are presented in a concise, easy-tounderstand format, and include a list of risk factors – many of which can be modified – an action plan to stay well, and helpful links so users can gain more in-depth knowledge.

Since complete health also requires spiritual and emotional well-being, Dr. Hester included sections to enlighten and motivate users to live less stressful, more spirit-filled lives.

On a lighter note, Express is a unique greeting card app chock-full of electronic cards featuring African American photos, art, and poetry by the late Gerdine Newsome. Cards run the gamut from simple birthday greetings to thought provoking poems. Users can even send friends and loved ones reminders to see the doctor or get a mammogram. Both apps allow users to record and e-mail voice memos and text notes directly from the app.

For more details about the Total Health for African American Christians and Express apps, visit www.

Courtesy of Columbia, MD Black News

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